MLGA Training Philosophy

When it comes to Missing Links training philosophy, its very simple, yet highly effective.

At first the student needs to be taught the correct fundamentals for the full swing and short game.  These are the areas where each individual student is in control and can improve upon.  These are, correct grip, posture, ball position, proper alignment, fitted equipment (length and weight of club) and finally attitude.  Once the student demonstrates that they can correctly control these fundamentals, striking the ball consistently can be achieved.

Then the next step is the golf course.  On the course the student will learn the game of golf, not the swing.  Understanding how to play golf and manage their games, students can start to realize their full potential as golfers.

Also the student will get to have college recruitment assistance by our experienced staff and long history of placing students into colleges of all levels.  MLGA offers a software that each student can customize according to their individual goals for college.  It also gives them goals to work towards in regards to grades and golf scoring averages.

Finally, the student will start playing competitions that our staff cusomizes to each player to maximize progress and visibillity to college coaches at the appropriate level. 

Through this simple system of training, the student will have the best chance to win tournaments and become a champion as a golfer and a person in life.