Missing Link Golf Academy and John Hulbert have done a great job in preparing kids for the next level both on and off the golf course. I have known John for more than 25 years and anytime that he calls me about a prospect, I pay attention because I know and trust him during the tough college recruiting process. These guys put their reputations on the line when they give a recommendation and that is very comforting for a coach like myself to know his kids are always prepared.  We both believe that golf can be played at a high level through distance control, flight of the golf ball and the easiest route to the hole from around the green. I would not hesitate to send my son or daughter to the Missing Link Golf Academy if playing college golf was a high priority.

Keep up the good work John !!!!

Coach Parker

Dartmouth College


"    I write this letter in support and to describe my experience as a parent and student at Missing Link Golf Academy.  I was introduced to missing link thru my son, Nicholas, for he worked with John Hulbert’s nephew, Peter, at Marlboro Country Club in Marlboro, MA.  Nick was 10 at the time but showed promise so we went to Florida to Meet John, Kevin and Ian.  Both myself and my son Nick connected immediately.  I felt that they represented an approach that was perfect for us.  They were grounded, practical and created realistic goals and had reasonable expectations.  Since we lived in the northeast, we would attempt to visit Bradenton 2-3 times per year and have Peter manage the rest from Marlboro.

We have done exactly this for the last 5 years and we always spend a full week in April.  Nick has had incredible success for a 15 year old boy from Massachusetts.  This year alone, he qualified for the US am, won an AJGA open event and was the low qualifier for the Big I insurance classic.   John said that this year he would be going low some and that has proven to be true.

Personally, I have also worked with John and Kevin and am now seeing incredible fruit from my effort and their expertise.  At age 54 it is hard to change but I knew I had to to avoid injury and continue to improve.  I am happy to say that I am striking the ball better than ever.  I refer consistently to Missing link for I feel they get it.  One such referral was a world class athlete, Paul Johnson, who could only say upon his return, WOW!  My training is extensive for I am very specialized in dentistry and can judge expertise with humility.  Missing Link is the perfect fit if you are looking for these qualities.  They are terrific!! "

Warmest regards,

Dr. Jeff Cummings, D.M.D.


As a good player myself, and one that over the years has worked on my own game with a number of excellent teaching professionals, I have a unique perspective as I’ve watched Kevin, John and Ian work with my son Tommy Tyler at the Missing Link Golf Academy.  Tommy is nine years old and has been working on his game at the Academy for about two years.  Over that two year period he has progressed to the point that he recently finished 62nd  out of the top 140 nine year olds in the world at the US Kids World Championship in Pinehurst.  Much of his success can be attributed to the instruction that he has received at Missing Link.  Having known and worked with many top professionals, I recognize that Kevin, John and Ian are elite golf instructors.  As importantly, they are all good family men with good values and with whom I’m comfortable leaving my child for the day.



     "I am writing this letter to any parent who might be considering having their child attend Missing Link Golf Academy and also show my gratitude from helping my son Danny live his dream. Danny is currently a sophomore at the University of Virginia and playing on their golf team. He also was part of a historic run in local high school sports by his team winning three straight Florida state championships along with one individual championship. He would have never had this kind of success if it wasn't for Missing Link. We are very fortunate to live near the academy in Lakewood Ranch and Danny has been working consistently with Ian since he was 12 years old.

Thanks to Missing Link, I have had several parents and coaches tell me he has one of the better golf swings they have seen. Besides learning the game of golf, Missing Link has taught Danny the importance of a strong work ethic. Most importantly, he really enjoys working with the coaches and competing with other talented Missing Link students, which has enabled him to maintain his love of the game. The coaches have played many important roles in his life including swing coaches, advisors, mentors, motivators and a friend. Even in college , Ian continues to mentor Danny on what it will take to get to the next level and in helping him reach his golf potential."


Jim Walker


     "Our son Jack Tianyi Cen is a student of Missing Link Academy(it will be called “ML” after), he started his training and guidance once in a while since he was 14 years old regarding on course management, tournament mental conditioning, athletic ethic and school counseling. Jack was accepted by one of the Ivy schools in the US, Cornell University and now he is a freshman studying Landscape Architecture.

     It is a long way for a kid to become a professional golf player, every steps include the kid own effort, coordination from the family and academic school, plus great contribution from golf coach. But, without consistent support and encouragement from ML, without ML’s team’s know how on junior golf training, without their deep understanding on how to communicate with American university’s golf teams, without the true and individual focus on my son, without the help from John to my family, we dare not imagine what the current situation Jack will be in.

     Our son’s university life now has proved that ML has found my son the best fit school team to get accepted from the completion of thousands and hundreds of applicants to the school. As Jack’s parents, our son feel very comfortable and self-confident, his golf coach and his teammates all love him. He is also doing well academically. We are more than comfortable and grateful that our son is surrounded by healthy and bright environment.

     So I really want to tell any parents who want to find their kid to play on university golf teams, ML has the best people, best teaching and result, ML is your best choice which you can count on."

Kai Cen/Wen Yu

Jack Tianyi Cen’s parents